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The Alleged Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked Online??

The social world has exploded with rumors of a Miley Cyrus video showing her having sex with some unindentified man.  Miley has not confirmed being in the tape (why would she!), but we'll let you decide for yourself!  This looks like Miley Cyrus getting down on video!

If you've been getting frustrated trying to find her tape, we have one legit source that is willing to give access.  You can download and watch the tape inside their site, along with quite a few other leaked private celebrity videos. Check it out!

1/2/2014 Update:  More and more rumors are spreading that Miley or someone that looks a lot like her have possibly made a tape.  Check this link out to read more information about the Miley Cyrus sex tape

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She sure is growing up fast! These days the now 19-year old Disney star is maturing, getting inked, wearing less, and talking sex. Miley was recently quoted as describing sex as cool and magical, which leaves us using our imaginations to picture what goes on behind closed doors between her and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The young starlet has taken heat over the last few years, as she became a woman, over her promiscuous and provocative behavior, but now as an adult she is safe to say what she wants and be who she is- and she doesn't seem to give a f*ck what people think about her- go Miley! We are constantly seeing shots of Cyrus walking her dogs or gallavating around town with tons of braless side boob action!

Can't get enough of the tats and exposing clothing! She's also become much more daring in her fashion choices that she chooses to wear to award shows and such. She was recently spotted in this white number, which left not too much for the imagination, but boy did she ever rock it!

Miley Cyrus is really coming into her own, with a good head on her shoulders and a solid hunky  man by her side. She's completely embracing her sexuality as a grown woman and we can't wait to see more!

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Miley Cyrus Upskirt Pussy Shots

Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving Pilates this Easter weekend.  Looks like Miley has been waxing that baby clean.  Check out the shots with her little black form fitting dress with no panties!  Miley Cyrus is on the fast track.... to be the next Lindsay Lohan?

miley cyrus upskirt pussy

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A Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked

It seems the internet is abuzz with rumors that Miley Cyrus has a sex tape!  Knowing how wild Miley is, we are not surprised she made a tape... maybe she wants to be the next Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton?  Miley grew up in a sexually charged environment, so it's no surprise that people are saying a sex tape exists.  It should be interesting to see how this pans out!

Click Here: Watch the Miley Cyrus sex tape!

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A Miley Cyrus Sex Tape?

Rumors abound that now even Miley Cyrus has a sex tape.  Big surprise there - not really!  Miley has always been known to be a wild woman, so we all kind of figured there may be a leaked sex tape one day.  Well recently Celeb Dirty Laundry says they have their hands on a Miley Cyrus sex tape and it's "pretty raunchy".  Who knows about celebrity sex tape rumors, but if anyone were to have one, it would be Miley Cyrus!  Check out these photos leaked around the web!

miley boobs


miley cyrus ass

As you can see, Miley is not afraid to show off.  She loves the attention and we don't mind looking!  Hopefully she's not another Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan that goes off the deep end.  These sex videos that seem to make their way online baffle everybody, but watching a Miley sex tape would give everyone great pleasure.  Don't miss out on this developing story!

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